I'm Calcurt Golden Talisman

They call me Tawney

I was born in December of 2003 with my sister

so I'm growing up in 2004

At 3 1/2 months I still love to snuggle

And by 4 1/2 months I'm more on my own and looking at you

So keep an eye on me as I develop

Check out my pedigree

It looks like I've got a lot to live up to.

My mother Sunny, Calcurt Sunsprite has her very special story.

And Grandma Sassy Calcurt Silver Sorceress says I am beginning to look like family even if I am pure for sable.

And my uncle Vader Calcurt The Dark Force says I still have some growing up to reach him.

Do you think Vader approves?

In 2005 I think I'm quite grown up.

By the end of the year I'm even better.

Don't you agree?